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DVD movies of asian facials, blowjobs cumshots and bukkake videos! Asian facials is a group blowjob sex practice wherein a series of men take turns ejaculating on a person. Usually in Asian facials bukkake videos, a beautiful young girl will sit and allow a group of men (sometimes a dozen or more) to come up to her and openly masturbate until they ejaculate on her body (usually on her mouth and face). Asian facial bukkake bombing!


Asian Facials Bukkake Videos

Asian facials is a Japanese blowjobs invention, pioneered by such Japanese blowjobs adult video companies as Shuttle Japan, Soft on Demand, and Moodyz in the first half of the 1990s. Some believe that one major factor in the development of asian facial bukkake was the mandatory porn mosaic in Japan: since the directors could not show penetration they had to figure out new, visually-appealing ways to approach blowjobs sex acts that would satisfy the audience without violating Japanese bukkake laws.

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    Top Asian facials Sex Tips

    Play Safe

    There are serious safety issues regarding asian facials sex that you need to be aware of at all times. First and foremost, whatever touches the anus shouldn´t be touching anything else. Never, never, never take the penis out of the eatcum anus and put it into the vagina. That can lead to serious infections and other complications. After any kind of asian facials play, you should immediately change condoms and wash the relevant body parts thoroughly.

    Of course, STDs are also a major concern with asian facials sex. This isn´t eatcum just limited to AIDS; herpes, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. can all be transmitted through asian facials sex. You shouldn´t be having asian facials sex without a condom; it´s not worth the risk to either partner.

    Lube, lube, lube

    One of the most important to remember when thinking eatcum about asian facials sex is that, unlike the vagina, the anus isn´t self-lubricating: you gotta bring your own grease. And, the more lube you use, the better. It will make the initial penetration much more easy and less painful for the woman and make the whole experience, for both of eatcum you, much more pleasant. The most common suggestion we get from our readers is to use LOTS of lube; we just can´t emphasize this point enough.

    All kinds of lube are used for asian facials sex, from spit to Vaseline to high-tech silicone-based lubes. We´d strongly recommend spending a eatcum little money to get a high quality water-based lubricant; remember, an oil-based lubricant like Vaseline will degrade the latex in a condom, destroying its usefulness. We´d recommend products like KY Jelly, available in any drug store. Note, though a condom may be lubricated, they typically don´t offer as much lube eatcum as we´d recommend for asian facials sex.

    Sex Toys

    There are some specialty lubes designed for asian facials sex that include an anesthetic to numb the woman´s sensation and make asian facials sex less painful. We´d advise against these products. The simple fact is, pain is a way eatcum of your body telling you that something´s wrong. If you´re in pain during asian facials sex, you need to focus on solving the root problems, not anesthetizing yourself so it´s easier to endure.

    Start Small

    Simply put, a penis is an awful big to be the first thing eatcum you stick up someone´s butt . Better to start with something smaller and work your way up. Fingers are an excellent beginning point. Use one finger, then two, to initiate your partner into the mysteries of asian facials penetration. Try it while performing oral sex for an extra thrill. Be eatcum sure your fingernails are trimmed, not to forget the lube, and you might even want to wear latex gloves.

    As your partner gets used to your fingers, you might graduate to a butt plug or a small dildo. Dildos are available in all shapes and sizes. Go shopping together eatcum to get one she thinks she can handle. Remember, though, don´t put the dildo into the vagina after putting it into the anus. The safest way is to put a condom on the dildo before using it, and to wash it thoroughly immediately after.

    Turnabout is Fair Play

    eatcum Whether you´re trying to convince someone to have asian facials sex or trying to figure out how to do it in a gentle, pain free manner, there´s no better preparation that exploring asian facials play with yourself.

    A partner is much more likely to consent to asian facials sex eatcum if she´s seen that you´re open to being on the receiving end as well. Encourage her to use her fingers inside of you, or even purchase a butt plug or small dildo and let her use that. Once she´s seen you´re willing to do it, it´ll be hard for her eatcum to resist exploring it as well.

    Of course, asian facials play on yourself is a great way to learn how asian facials sex feels and to learn how to make it more comfortable for your partner. You might also be surprised just how much you like it.

    Clear eatcum the Way

    Before having asian facials sex, the woman should have a good, complete bowel movement. If she doesn´t, the man may find himself encountering far more fecal matter than he might have liked (i.e. packing the fudge) . Now, for some people doing this on-command might not be eatcum the easiest thing, and straining to defecate is not healthy. A high fiber diet may help things along and is good for your health in any case.

    Of course, if you really want to clean things out in a hurry, you can purchase an enema from any drug store. eatcum There´s some controversy about this; some people feel having an enema first can actually increase the irritation during asian facials sex. If you´re going to go the enema route, we´d recommend doing it several hours before you plan to have asian facials sex, rather than right before the act.



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