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DVD movies of asian facials, blowjobs cumshots and bukkake videos! Asian facials is a group blowjob sex practice wherein a series of men take turns ejaculating on a person. Usually in Asian facials bukkake videos, a beautiful young girl will sit and allow a group of men (sometimes a dozen or more) to come up to her and openly masturbate until they ejaculate on her body (usually on her mouth and face). Asian facial bukkake bombing!


Asian Facials Bukkake Videos

Asian facials is a Japanese blowjobs invention, pioneered by such Japanese blowjobs adult video companies as Shuttle Japan, Soft on Demand, and Moodyz in the first half of the 1990s. Some believe that one major factor in the development of asian facial bukkake was the mandatory porn mosaic in Japan: since the directors could not show penetration they had to figure out new, visually-appealing ways to approach blowjobs sex acts that would satisfy the audience without violating Japanese bukkake laws.

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    Asian Facials After play - Pennsylvania, Age 45

    My wife loves to be on her back, spread open as far as possible. While Iīm fucking her vaginally I will apply saliva to the brown hole and get it good and wet. She will take my cock in her cumm hand and position it and let me know when she is ready to be penetrated. It has to be a good hard on to get thru. She will instruct me as to the speed of penetration. Once it is in, we will continue to apply saliva on the shaft. I cumm make sure I cum before taking it out. Once it is out, thatīs it. I will hug and kiss her for as long as it takes at this point to comfort her. This is the most important time. She has done something special and you have to let your lover cumm know that you deeply appreciate it. Asian facials sex can be a good fuck for both if done at the womanīs control and comfort.

    Pro Enema - Michigan

    I am a bisexual male and I enjoy asian facials. It is very important to cleanse the bowels with an cumm enema before you and your partner play. You will find that you will be able to relax more and enjoy it more because you will not accidentally evacuate. Plus it also makes it a lot cleaner.

    Always start small then move up! I donīt recommend KY Jelly *original* because cumm it seems like it needs moisture to activate. I recommend a good water-based lube instead. And donīt forget to use lots of it.

    Lick it - Southern California

    After some hot foreplay I lick my partners pussy tongue fucking her. On her back I lift her legs exposing cumm her ass then run my tongue down to her anus. There I lick around it then tongue fuck her hole alternating with my finger. After she gets really wet I slowly slide my cock in a little at a time until all seven inches is inside. She wasnīt really into cumm asian facials sex because her ex-fiance (wonder why) tried it and it hurt her until I started with her.

    Get her hot - RD, Dallas, Age 39

    Get her really hot! My wife responds best after a really good cunnilingus / asian facialsingus session. She normally likes to cumm play with her clit and masturbate herself to orgasm while I lick her pussy and asshole. I then usually enter her vagina and work my well lubricated finger or thumb into her ass. If she is interested in asian facials intercourse I will continue until I can get a 2nd cumm finger into her. You can feel the muscles relax when she is ready for more. Donīt rush it. Use lots of patience and lube. We find saliva works fine if you use enough, K-Y is OK too.

    When she is ready I rub the head of my cock on cumm her asshole. She really seems to love this. (We have been married 20 years and are monogamous, so we donīt use condoms) She normally stimulates her pussy and clit at the same time. When she is ready she will push against the cock while bearing down as if to take cumm a shit. The muscle opens right up. Once it is inside she normally likes to be fucked pretty hard while she masturbates. When she is really hot and ready this is a fantastic experience we enjoy every 4 or 5 weeks. If you try too hard before she is lubed cumm and ready, it can spoil her whole night and attitude about asian facials sex.

    Two Tips - JT, Midwest, Age 45

    1 When first entering, ask your partner to bear down as if having a bowel movement. It opens the asian facials ring a bit and makes it cumm easier for you to get inside without trying to push the asian facials ring inside with you.

    2. Explain that after you are inside, the urge to have a bowel movement is just the feeling of fullness, and not really a mess waiting to happen. Accept it as part cumm of the experience and let the feeling be a turn-on, and not a worry.

    Double Up - Khaibit, Australia, Age 27

    Double penetration is something that people might want to explore once they have started having asian facials. Having your lover fuck herself with a vibrator while you cumm are having asian facials is an incredible feeling. Equally, you can do the opposite; I have found the best position for this is missionary with the girl using the vibrator on her ass.

    Four tips - Anonymous, Age 30s

    Tip 1: Get a good book (seriously) .

    cumm As part of a Valentineīs day gift I did some careful shopping and gave my lover some books of erotic stories, books on sensual massage and techniques, and two books on asian facials sex (and asian facials health) . I did a lot of looking and settled on two great cumm books:

    (1) The Ultimate Guide to Asian facials Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino.

    (2) Asian facials Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin.

    Tip 2: Let her know that she is in control. Tell her that. My lover thanked me when I did and I know that cumm she meant it. This is really important unless youīre into some kind of rough domination thing. The only way she is going to relax, avoid anxiety and experience pleasure (at least in the beginning) is if she feels in control of when, how much, how fast, what position, etc. . cumm This is where reality diverges from the porn flicks and why I recommend avoiding them as a training tool or a source of inspiration (unless you are damn sure that she is actually turned on by them) . Virtually every porn movie Iīve seen that has asian facials sex is cumm about as far away from the experience that will turn most women on a they could possibly get. They donīt portray good asian facials sexual experiences for most women and if you use them as a guide, you will likely regret it.

    Tip 3: Make sure you do it cumm in a way that allows her to orgasm virtually *every time*. You want her to have a good association with asian facials sex. Cumming every time you do it is a pretty damn good reinforcement. There are lots of ways this can be accomplished. Use your imagination, ask her what cumm she would like at the moment and read the books for more ideas.

    Tip 4: Let her know that asian facials sex is just another flavor of sex that you occasionally enjoy with her. Donīt present it as the *ultimate* sex or the rest of your sex life will cumm suffer because you have just defined it as average by default. Donīt expect or try to have asian facials sex or stimulate her asian facialsly every time you have sex (unless she asks for it of course) . I have met women who were with men who became obsessed with cumm asian facials sex after finally convincing her to go there. Really stupid. If she has enjoyed the way you have introduced asian facials sex into your relationship, she will ask you for it when she wants it and then it will be a wild ride that you will not forget cumm for a long while. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing in the bedroom.


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