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Asian Facials Bukkake Videos

Asian facials is a Japanese blowjobs invention, pioneered by such Japanese blowjobs adult video companies as Shuttle Japan, Soft on Demand, and Moodyz in the first half of the 1990s. Some believe that one major factor in the development of asian facial bukkake was the mandatory porn mosaic in Japan: since the directors could not show penetration they had to figure out new, visually-appealing ways to approach blowjobs sex acts that would satisfy the audience without violating Japanese bukkake laws.

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    The Asian Facials Transition thru the Internet

    With the arrival of the Bukkake Internet (online bukkake) , the availability of asian facials pornography increased greatly. Many of the most successful internet entrepreneurs are those who operate pornographic bukkake internet sites, and the porn industry is usually credited as cumass being the first to make money off bukkake internet. As well as conventional photographic or pornography, some sites offer interactive video game-like entertainment. Due to the international character of the Bukkake Internet, it provides an easy means for consumers of pornography that is illegal in their country (or cumass at least illegal without a physical proof of age) to simply acquire such material from sources in another country where it is legal or not prosecuted. See internet asian facials.

    The almost-zero cost of copying and shipping of digital data boosted the formation of private circles of people swapping cumass pornography. This type of exchange is especially popular for material that is illegal, most notably child pornography and bestiality. With the advent of peer to peer file sharing applications such as Kazaa, pornography swapping has reached new heights. Free facials pornography became available en masse from other users and is cumass no longer restricted to private groups. Large amounts of free asian facials pornography on the facials internet is also distributed for marketing purposes to encourage subscriptions to paid content.

    Since the late 90´s, ´porn FROM the masses FOR the masses´ seems to become another new trend. Cheap digital cameras, cumass increasingly powerful and user-friendly facials software, and easy access to pornographic source material have made it possible for individuals to produce and share house-made or house-altered porn for next to no cost. This is most notable in the evolution of 3D rendered porn and the ´enhancement´ of existing material (photographs/videos) cumass by blending celebrities into them.

    On the Facials Internet, pornography is often referred to as pr0n which is misspelled p0rn - porn written with zero, a common style in a so called leet speak. One theory on the origins of this spelling is that it was devised to fool cumass spam filters which blocked emails with the word porn from coming through to the recipient. However, since leet speak has performed similar mutations on a number of words, including those unlikely to feature in unsolicited commercial e-mails (0wned, r00t, n00b, d00d) , it is likely that any transformation of porn cumass to pr0n for spamming purposes is at best an independent invention.

    According to Google, 68 million searches including some variation of the word facials porn occur every day.


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